New Forest Kennels & Cattery

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Let Your Furry Friend Enjoy A Purrfect Holiday In Our Cattery

We are in the process of modernising our cattery chalets to help ensure all our residents are as comfortable & entertained as possible throughout their stay. Please rest assured we are taking extra care to ensure these improvements are not disturbing or agitating our current residents in situ!

Every kitty has their upstairs indoor area to cosy up or an outdoor area curl up for a snooze, play, or instead watch the world of nature just a few feet away...


We offer a rural retreat with an abundance of creature comforts, including a snug bed, plenty of blankets, a selection of toys, plus climbing & scratching opportunities.

Each chalet also has a heat lamp and temperature gauge, so we ensure the cats stay nice and toasty. The cattery is also shaded so in the summer months it stays lovely and cool!

Cat Chalets

Our cat chalets are the purrfect fit for one kitty or two to share. With plenty of room to roam around, play and get cuddles, it's the perfect holiday retreat for their getaway!

Deluxe Cat Chalets

Our deluxe cat chalets are double the size of our regular chat chalets, a great size for our kitty families of three or four! Installed with a cat tree and wall climbers, scratching posts galore and extra snoozing nooks to tuck themselves into, it's the purrfect holiday home!

Have just one or two cats with extra energy? They may prefer our deluxe cat chalets with the extra space to run around, plenty of climbing frames to jump on and toys to play with. There's lots to do to burn their energy and keep them entertained!


We monitor your cat's behaviour and health throughout the day, completing observations of their food and water intake, chalet temperature and overall demeanour.

Many cats wait for us - and their bedtime treat - for their final cuddles of the day! Certain cats may be timid instead, so we respect their space whilst we clean their space and check they're happy.


All our cat chalets are spacious and secure, with a private raised cubby where your cat can climb the ladder to eat, sleep or play.

None of the dogs and cats mix together or can see each other, so they can enjoy their own holiday in peace.


We provide tailored care to ensure that not only is your cat given plenty of affection, playtime and treats, but any special requirements such as diet or health concerns will be considered and provided for too.

We can happily administer medication or supplements during their stay at no extra cost.

Feeding Your Kitty

Whilst we can provide a scrumptious selection of wet and dry food and tantalising treats, we also understand certain cats are somewhat particular and can be slightly fussy when it comes to their food!

We would encourage you to assist us in providing a small sense of familiarity by supplying us with their favourite food instead. We will feed your purrfect puss as per your instructions and the usual feeding routine at home.

Maine Coon cat looking at the camera
Happy cat looking at the camera


We have a strict cleaning routine, so each morning every chalet is thoroughly checked and refreshed, with our focus being to provide your cat with a clean, serene and comfortable environment.