About us

Meet the owners

New Forest Kennels and Cattery is run by Kia and Karen Handley.

They have owned the kennels and cattery (formerly St Leonards Kennels & Cattery) for a number of years now and have built up a flourishing business. They are well-known for the exceptional high quality of care they give the animals and their reputation has grown via the recommendations of many happy customers.

Kia has almost 20 years' experience working for the Royal Parks. Fully qualified in many aspects of animal care and management, he also spent 10 years as a Wildlife Officer in Richmond Park, London. Working with and caring for dogs has been part of Kia's day to day life for much of this time.

Karen is a highly skilled and experienced dog trainer and handler. She had her first dog at the age of 10 and began training and competing in her early 20s. More recently she has been lucky enough to breed a number of Labrador litters. A testament to her skill and care, almost all the puppies from the litters have come back to her for training and home boarding. Karen is even gaining international renown, with one puppy heading to Austria as a search and rescue dog, another in Germany and one in Ireland.

Our staff

Kia and Karen have a terrific team of regular staff who all play an important role in maintaining their high standard of care. All key staff are qualified to a high standard.

Everybody's aim is the same - to make sure your pet is happy and content during their stay with us.